Worlds Reigning Beauties

With this title we wish to Appoint our Worlds Reigning Beauties 2021, International Reigning Beauty and Worlds Miss "Your State" Reigning Beauties,  in your age group, to spearhead the year ahead and represent wearing the stunning full round diamond shaped  crown. Those who are chosen WILL become the Worlds Reigning Beauties Leaders .  The Crowns  were carefully chosen. They were chosen for function easy to wear. For Design of the precious Diamond. We are looking for those who will be visible! Are stylish and able to promote this title, this pageant and get involved in community activities, will use her voice. If this is you please apply!!

Also accepting Ambassadors for State, Heritage and National Titles. Will add crown soon. 


  • Natural born Female

  • Ages 4-27 Never been married, single, never given birth​

    • Age 21-49 Ms., Mrs., & Over 50 Classic Ms. ​

  • Has knowledge of her city, state, nation, country's culture and environment

  • Is a resident of the City, State or Nation she wishes to represent

  • Understands The Worlds and International Miss Reigning Beauties Pageant

  • Years of age as of (December 31, 2022)

  • Posses beauty of face and kind personality

  • Outgoing and friendly

  • Excellent physical condition

  • Girls and Women who are visible in their new title

Important: A State/National delegate for WORLDS AND INTERNATIONAL MISS REIGNING BEAUTIES PAGEANTS should be a citizen of the state or country she will be representing, and a national pageant winner by a recognized Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant Owner or an appointee. Contact us for further inquiries and we will refer you to the National Director in your country of citizenship.

With enough interest we will produce a LIVE World Pageant in NOVEMBER 2022, a 3 day weekend event. Must have 40 state, heritage and national queens to attend. There will be a registration fee of $295.00 .


The Crown pictured on top is the World International.

The crown pictured below is the State, Heritage and National.