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"Touring The World Never Looked More Beautiful"

Whether this is your first pageant or you have been in a pageant before, this is something totally different than what you are used to. Because of this,  YOU can thrive and shine under the Tourism Stars.


We teach our girls how to be a Public Figure, by giving them opportunity to hone their skills in public speaking, confidence, and so much more...


We welcome all girls ages 4 and Up, to Include Mrs., Ms., Plus Size Beauty and Over 50 Classic Ms.


Our girls enjoy an entire year of appearances, challenges, autograph signings and more. How will you make your Tourism Crown of Stars Shine this year! 


The Philosophy of the

World's Miss Tourism Pageant

A pageant mainly based in Community outreach, Social Media, Fashion Shows, Public Speaking, and other events.  Our core values (what we believe in) Kindness, Loyalty, Respect, Commitment, Compassion, optimism and most of all is, understanding the Tourism Crown is for others.


We believe no one is too young or too old to accomplish a mighty goal. No one is too young or too old to learn how to get the absolute things they want...If they are willing to put the work into it. 


Worlds Miss Tourism Pageants has created PDF handbooks to help you navigate your journey to nationals and to help you succeed as a public figure " Influencer" 


Worlds Miss Tourism Pageants for ages 4-12 is natural, only allowing minimal mascara, light color lip gloss and minimal blush for stage and photos. For ages 13 and Up we allow much more freedom of expression.   

World's Miss Tourism Pageant Info 

Where and When is the World Pageant?

What are the Age Requirements? What are the eligibility requirements? What does it mean to be an appointed title holder or Ambassador for Worlds Miss Tourism Pageants?

Who Can Compete?

What is Due?

What are the required Competitions?

What are the Optional Competitions?

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