Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant

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Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant:

Walk the World Stage with Worlds Miss Tourism Pageants. An elegant event crowning the most well spoken, enchanting, stylish and the best brand ambassador the World Over. The New Prize package includes a scholarship, given at the fair-well walk, our signature faux furs, a social media package and page for her new title, Autograph cards, The Tourism Iconic newly designed crown and rhinestone encrusted sash, opportunities to be seen in magazines, commercials and more. Miss Tourism established in 1998 and a mission to serve communities all over the world but, this year is different. Worlds Teen and Miss Tourism will have the opportunity to travel as public figures, speakers and brand ambassadors for Worlds Miss Tourism. Take off with Tourism and make your dreams come true!  All Delegates competing for Worlds Miss Tourism must acquire a State/State Nickname Title, Regional Title, Heritage Title or National Title. Whether by appointment or a Live State Event.  Contestants must bring crown and sash to World Finals July 22, 23 and 24th, 2022. This, The Worlds Miss Tourism Pageants encourages you to join and see the Tourism Difference! 


Maybe, Worlds Miss Tourism Pageants is not for you, so we ask please share with another who may love this opportunity. If you love Worlds Miss Tourism please share and refer someone. 

Who Qualifies to compete in the main event:

Anyone who won a live in person state, heritage, or national pageant event. Anyone who won her appointed state, heritage, or national title through the on-line appointed form selection program. 

Main Event Required Competition:

25 % Interview

one-on-one interview with each judge. 

Prepare for Press style Interview also. Teen and Miss Will do Press style Interview, 3 minutes each!

25% State Costume 

An costume should represent something about your state that we do not already know.

Each contestant will get up to 45 seconds to deliver this memorized speech in costume. ( no note cards or electronic devices must be memorized.) Your speech should tie in your costume. You will want to go big, extravagant, and WOW the judges.

25% Evening Wear

Floor length dresses for all divisions. We do not require a certain walk pattern. Keep in mind this is an elegant event. You will have one minute to convince the judges you are full of poise, style and grace.

25% Photogenic

Photo should be in crown and sash. Head and shoulder to 3/4 body length. It should be obvious your sash is on or you may hold the sash as long as it is in the photo. Photo should be 8x10

20 Extra Points

Contestants may gain up to 20 points by participating and sharing her journey through-out the year. A delegate may not hold all photos and expect to earn those 20 points, they are to be shared through-out her journey. We do take into consideration how long one has had her title and what she accomplished. It may be as impressive for someone to have had her title less than 4 weeks and rock some appearances and challenges. And less impressive if a person has had her title for 6 months or more and done nothing. 

Optional Events Competition: For Grand Supreme Titles:

Who Qualifies for Grand Supreme:

Worlds Miss Tourism Grand Supreme Events are NOT required. However, Any one accepted, attending, and competing in Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant competition and All American Miss Tourism Pageant competition, may also elect to compete in Worlds Miss Tourism Grand Supreme Optional Events. Age groups for Grand supreme are not the same as Main Competition so, be sure to read everything about the Worlds Miss Tourism Grand Supreme Competitions. Make the most of your World and All American Tourism experience and give yourself every opportunity to walk away from the World Stage with the possibility of representing another World Title!  Learn More >>>>

Location and Date: 

July 22,23,24, 2022 Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.


Registration Fee: to compete in the Worlds Miss Tourism  event is:

  • Registration Fee $295.99, $100.00 Scholarship fee total $395.99 Due April 1, 2022

  • One Full Page Ad or Spotlight Page $150.00 Due May 1, 2022

  • Optional Events for Grand Supreme $295.99 Due June 1, 2022


What Are All The Fees Expected?

  • An Appointed Title fee or Live Preliminary Pageant fee (required) 

  • Registration Fee $295.99, and $100.00 Scholarship fee total $395.99 Due April 1, 2022 (required)

  • One Full Page Ad or Spotlight Page $150.00 Due May 1, 2022 (required)

  • Optional Events for Grand Supreme $295.99 Due June 1, 2022 (this is not required but, optional)

What More Can I Expect?

Miss Tourism Pageants is one of growth in self-esteem. Growth in public speaking. Growth in professionalism. To grow, a person must do things they have not done before. Or they must do things that scare them, get out of their comfort zone.  That is what Tourism does. We challenge our delegates to be all they can be. To reach for the highest stars in whatever they wish to do in life. We recognize not everyone is striving to become celebrity. However Tourism helps their delegates discover and reach for the things they do want in their futures. To do this we created Tourism Guides to help the girls succeed at finals. But, know it is about the journey TO finals. What did you do with your title to inspire, influence or lead others. The Miss Tourism Pageants creates many challenges that will take many out of their main comfort zone. Those who try the challenges show the most growth and generally do best.  Not because of the challenges but because of the growth they gained.  If you or your daughter is shy, or wants something different. This is a great place to start. Miss Tourism is not about winning, it is about making sure our delegates are creating life long career goals for themselves.  

Tourism Guide-Book

Tourism Interview and Photo Guides

Tourism How To Become A Little Bit Famous

Tourism Press Kit

Tourism Press Release and more



1st and 2nd Runners up in Pre-Teen, Jr. Teen, Teen and Miss also receive a scholarship.

Cameo Photos Done July 25, 2022 At Pageant Hotel Worlds Miss Tourism and All American Miss Tourism Main Title holders

Location Photo Shoot (Worlds Miss Tourism) 

Location Photo Shoot (All American Miss Tourism)

Group Trip (location to be announced) 

Custom Tourism Crown

Custom Rhinestone Encrusted Worlds Miss Tourism and All American Miss Tourism National Sash

Custom Tourism Replica Crown Pin

Tourism Bouquet of Flowers Keepsake

Tourism Teddy Bear

Tourism Logo Jacket or Faux fur

Tourism Luggage/Travel Piece

Designer Handbag

Jewelry for her year of reign (Teen & Miss)

Digital Media Kit (includes Social Media Covers)

Tourism Comp Cards (Jr. Teen, Teen & Miss)

Tourism Magnetic Car Signs (Jr. Teen, Teen & Miss)

Tourism Autograph Cards (Jr. Teen, Teen & Miss)

Tourism Business Cards (Jr. Teen, Teen & Miss)

Tourism Stationary (Jr. Teen, Teen & Miss)

American Girl Doll (Tiny Miss,  Little Miss,  Jr. Miss)

More Coming... 

*Please Note: Any prize, award, or cash which is part of the Miss Tourism Pageant and provided by a named sponsor are not the responsibility of the Miss Tourism Pageant or its directors. The amount, terms, restrictions and provision of such prize, award, or cash amount determined by the said sponsor shall also have no liability or responsibility of the Miss Tourism Pageant or its directors as to its balance due, distribution, or prize awarded.

Scholarship and cash awards are awarded once the contestant has fulfilled her duties and returns to crown her successor.