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A Pandemic has Slowed the World taking with it hope. We plan to use this title as a beacon of giving, of hope and light. We do not put our contestants and families at risk by subjecting them to live events until further notice. Although most of our contestants would love a live event, we don't want to risk being the cause of someone's Grandma or Mom or baby or Uncle or...one of our contestants or staff getting sick. So many of our delegates fall into higher risk categories with asthma and other health issues. So until further notice our pageants are Appointed saving you travel expenses, hotel stays, and registration fees. We hope you will love to represent with us.


With this title we are looking to Appoint our Worlds Miss Dream Girls 2021 in your age group, to spearhead the year ahead and represent wearing the stunning crown pictured above. Those who are chosen will be able to compete after they crown their successor. 


Age Categories

4-6 Worlds Little Miss Dream Girl 2021

7-9 Worlds Jr. Miss Dream Girl 2021

10-12 Worlds Pre-Teen Miss Dream Girl 2021

13-15 Worlds Jr. Teen Miss Dream Girl 2021

16-18 Worlds Teen Miss Dream Girl 2021

19-27 Worlds Miss Dream Girl 2021

21-49 Worlds Mrs. Dream Girl 2021

21-49 Worlds Ms. Dream Girl 2021 (either had been Married or given birth)

50 and Up Worlds Classic Ms. Dream Girl 2021

Worlds Dream Girls A Tourism Pageant Production Sparks the Giver in our Soon to be Newly Crowned Dream Girls...The new Worlds Miss Dream Girls will wear the crown pictured, depicting a subtle Queen in the center, carrying on her head the crown jewel of charity. The new Worlds Miss Dream Girl queens will be instrumental in creating events to serve our World.

One such creation will be the Outplay Initiative, this is where we encourage outdoor activity for 30 minutes a day, indoor family game nights. Another, cause will be Dreams Come True we will try making a dream come true for someone.  The Dream Girls will raise awareness to childhood hunger, Food Allergies, and so much more. We will post photos of those who participate. This is a BIG title and those chosen to represent will be required to be present and visible the entire year.

You will be required to participate in your year. You must wear crown and sash at all events, photo ops, challenges or sharing. 

The Title fee for this World Title is $450.00 (payments arrangement available @ $90.00 per month for 5 consecutive months).  No crown or sash will be ordered until last and final payment is in. 

After we have chosen our Worlds Miss Dream Girl we will begin Appointing Heritage, National and State title holders. 

Tourism Pageants has carried our tradition of challenges and charitable work to the next level. The things we do as a Pageant brings joy to so many watching us. Your photos, your videos have touched so many lives and we want to continue the tradition by giving you a title of purpose. 

Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant Productions will produce

Worlds Miss Dream Girl Pageant. Run by Tourism Pageant Productions, but a separate pageant from Tourism.


When we are able, This Live Pageant production will be a spectacular lavish event at the beginning September, Labor Day Weekend,  hopefully in 2022. Sparking a The Labor of Love Theme.

Any one may apply. Yes, you may have more than one title with the Tourism Pageant productions.


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