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Partnering with The Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant brings incredible value to your brand. Partners may request Worlds Miss Tourism to present or perform at corporate events and media appearances, and Worlds Miss Tourism's prevalent social media presence brings national exposure and grassroots relevance to your brand or cause.

Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant is committed to partnering with like-minded organizations who strive to empower, strengthen, lead and show your support.

Sponsors can be from anywhere in the World, choose to support/gift to all or any one particular age category that strengthens their brand. Worlds Miss Tourism delegates are grateful and know how to bring attention to your brand, product or service. Sponsors gifts have included and supported the Tourism Pageant and you can too here is a small list of how you can sponsor.

  • Swag Bags filled with your brand items

  • Photo Shoot with your Photography company

  • Model or Talent Agency Representation

  • Gift Card to your retail shop or restaurant 

  • Jewelry (custom made)

  • A Service such as training in branding, press interviews, teeth whitening, hair services, tanning services etc. 

  • Individual Cash Sponsorship 

  • Scholarships 

  • And so much more...

Let a Tourism Girl Promote your business this year!

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