She's Been a Tourism Girl since she was 9...

Chalan Sanders

Worlds Teen Miss Tourism 2021

Chalan Sanders is an American Sweetheart and an American Dream come true. She is the pillar of hope and Inspiration. What we all should strive to emulate.

This gorgeous Star hails from the great state of Tennessee but, her journey to America was quite the story. Chalan is adopted from Guatemala. A heritage of great history Chalan is half Guatemalan and half Mayan Indian.

Chalans family tells me "we almost didn't get out of the country alive". This is a story for another day though. Today we are following Chalan in her journey as our Worlds Teen Miss Tourism 2021.

The exotic beauty can look Latin American, Polynesian, Indian, Asian and American. She Starred as Kaya and Opened

the show in authentic garb in the American Girls Doll Fashion Show.

Chalan came into The Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant System when she was 9, she is now 17.

To date her Fave is the monthly challenges that the pageant posts on the web site. These creative and fun challenges, all have a meaning behind them. 

Her two fave's are the Met Gala dress up and the CMA Challenge to honor a female country singer from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. 

It is apparent that Chalan takes pride in her title. She has said, while in her crown and sash she likes that she can use her voice and speak for others who can't or be a voice of hope and inspiration, the main ideal behind Worlds Miss Tourism.

Chalan has embraced, participated in and made a difference. With the Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant and her new project “Kindness Matters-Think before YOU Speak and Stop Bullying campaigns the Pageant has championed. Giving their queens a platform to champion if they don't have their own. Although Chalan has carried her own platform and no surprise, she is a true leader. She championed the Appalachia toy drive at 9 years old collecting teddy bears for kids who had lost everything. And now Her K.I.C.K. project is sure to be a beacon of light.

We live in a very crazy world right now, with her title and voice she wants and can make a difference by sharing kindness to anyone & everyone. You will have to check out her K.I.C.K. Campaign she created.

This High School Junior is her schools ambassador, A Varsity Cheerleader, is in the Honor choir, plays varsity vollyball and was just inducted into the National Honor society.

A star that is shining bright...

Chalan is a member of the Mayor’s Youth Council which has them do two things a month. She spends twice a month in her Church Nursery. Soon she will be in the Toys for Tots Veterans parade on November 14. She just did Relay for Life to support at cure for Cancer. Volunteers for Teen Suicide Prevention Awareness. She attended as a VIP guest The Villages

October fest. Chalan is active with the Stand Up Against Bullies campaign. But, don't forget... coming soon you will want to stay tuned for Chalans Passion project K.I.C.K. An advanced Dancer, Chalan is an instructor in Tumbling, All kinds of Dance and Modeling. She takes classes in ballet-pointe-lyrical-contemporary-jazz-musical theatre-tap-hip Hop-tumbling-contortion-silks She was in Brad Paisleys video First solo on stage was age 3 and a half to the song, "Eloise, that’s me" from the story books Eloise. She has won numerous

competition titles for top solo or top entertainer. She has received dance scholarships to The Broadway Dance Center and convention scholarships. Walt Disney World Performer 3 times was Chosen as a Power Pak Dancer, Opening dancer for The Country Tonite Show in Pigeon Forge twice. She was awarded a golden ticket several times to dance at the World Dance Championships. She has been on national Dance teams doing Opening numbers many times. If you live in Tennessee you might want to get yours in a class with this super star. This Teen is a superstar. We have seen that in her since she was 9 years old.  Chalan says she has friends for life in Tourism and since 9 years old, Chalan has friends all over the world. Chalan and Mom met the World Director for lunch one winter day 8 years ago. Chalan has won and has walked away without a World Title but, never giving up Chalan has held the Tourism titles of Worlds Pre-Teen Miss Tennessee Tourism, Worlds Pre-Teen Miss Tourism, Worlds Jr. Teen Miss Tennessee Tourism, Worlds Jr. Teen Miss Tourism, Worlds Jr. Teen Miss Guatemala Tourism, Worlds Teen Miss Tennessee Tourism 2020, Worlds Teen Miss Tourism 2021 Has also been named a Worlds Hall of Fame Queen.

Chalan will be starting college tours in January 2021, she hopes to Major in Dance and video communications and Minor in philanthropy. Chalan wants to travel to help third world countries develop clean water healthy food. She aspires to being artistic for a healthy life. This girl will be trying out for dance teams and dance departments and is hopeful to earn a scholarship. We have no doubt, Chalan will be a force in this world. No matter what she does she has the World at her fingertips!

Some of Chalans Faves:

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Perfume: Prada

Favorite Candy: 3 Musketeers & ice cream

Favorite Food: My Nonnies green beans and Mexican 

Favorite Movie: The Croods and

Netflix movie To All The Boys I Have Loved Before

My Must Haves; Tropical Smoothie

I Love to Watch: Cobra Kai on Netflix and Law & Order

Favorite Bible Verse:

Philippians 4:13 

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

Favorite Quote: all you need is faith trust and pixie dust to achieve all your dreams. 

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