Meet Rebekah, Worlds Mrs. Tourism 2021

She hails from the great state of West Virginia. This 34 yr old mom to three, celebrating a 15 yr marriage with her wonderful husband, is our very own Rebekah Ferris, and our Worlds Mrs. Tourism 2021.

She works as an electro neuro diagnostic technician. This high achiever is now enrolled in a course to become a nationally board-certified technician and logged a 10yr history as a Cardiac arrhythmia specialist.

Rebekah, decided her platform is Childhood Hunger. Her passion for this is apparent in her collections of numerous food items, organized fundraisers and collected numerous donations. Given the current status this is needed now more than ever.

This high energy beauty is always willing to lend a helping hand. She was instrumental in the clean-up of the West Virginia floods, organized collection of items to foster children. She even created events to provide books to children...” Because, I feel the need to support literacy to help kids learn through reading, they can imagine they could do things differently when they grow up” “their imagination has no limits”.

Rebekah is a leader in her state, through her numerous platforms and in her years in church. She has established a social media page for women to discuss real life issues and be a

support to each other.

You may find this ambitious girl anywhere in this world, since she loves to travel, though something we didn’t know, she loves to go camping and yearns to go off the grid. She says “I love getting dressed up and loves anything sparkly and BIG! But she dreams of moving to the middle of nowhere and living off the land.

Rebekah loves chocolate, authentic Italian Food and she says “my heart bleeds coffee”.

So how did I come to be a Tourism Girl?

"I decided to join tourism because when the worlds miss tourism pageants when I saw a friend, Kathi Hill, representing the Worlds as Worlds Ms. Mountain State Tourism and then came back as Worlds Ms. Mid Atlantic Tourism and now coming back for 2021 as Worlds Ms. Mid Atlantic State Tourism along with her daughter Jenna also coming back for her third year. She, Kathi, always appeared appreciative and proud to carry the title. I noticed how many doors opened for her and allowed her to bring awareness to her platform. Because of this, I knew the Tourism pageants was something I wanted to be apart of. I certainly had no idea that it would allow me to soar into a Worlds title within one year"!

"But something I learned is, the Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant absolutely reviews your application, they look into specific personality details. It’s not based on just beauty and size. It’s based on character & values, appearances and how you shared your title in the spotlight that accounted for your finals totals, of course along with your total scores on stage and in Interview. I believe if you want the title you need to show you are willing and have earned it"!

Rebekah's most cherished reason for being involved with Worlds Miss Tourism Pageants... The sense of family!! Rebekah said "Our bond is like a sisterhood even thru a pandemic, Everyone... Always lifting one another up".

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