Meet Kayla B, Worlds Miss Tourism Ultimate Grand Supreme

Meet this fearless, soaring star, she is Kayla B. and is Worlds Miss Tourism Ultimate Grand Supreme 2021.

With a resume to rival the most accomplished... this young star is a model, actress, singer and Philanthropist. Don't underestimate this beauty she is no slacker in the education department, she is in the National Honor Society, not stopping there, she is also active in Junior Civitan Club, National Thespian Society, Warrior Student Leadership, and Student Government. This Rock Star is also a Varsity cheerleader and on the varsity track team! We don't recommend messing with this Warrior she has a yellow belt edge for Taekwondo. And lastly she is a member of the Duke tip, this is the duke university talent identification program. This program is a non profit organization that works with students that excel in the classroom. They provide above grade level testing to help better students test taking skills and recognize students for their outstanding work and achievement.

Something near and dear to Kayla is her platform, in memory of her Nanny, her name was Belle. It's no wonder Kayla loves books since it was Belle, Kayla's Nanny, who taught her how to read. In memory of Belle, Kayla Started "Belle's Books" she collects gently used books, blankets and stuffed animals. She then makes book bundles and donates to kids in hospitals and low income schools. Giving these resources may just bring a little joy and help kids to have the same love for reading Belle instilled in Kayla. An imagination is an important ingredient to last a lifetime. Kayla is now setting up free lending libraries in her community

and her Mayor is donating the first 500 books.

Kayla entered Worlds Miss Tourism through an amazing director in North Carolina and the amazing girls that were part of that live state pageant 2 years ago.

When Kayla was asked what is favorite part of the Tourism Pageant here is what she had to say, "I love how tourism gets its queens out in their community as stars or celebrities. And as

a tourism girl you are a celebrity. My favorite part about tourism is the friendships that I have made. My very first year competing I made so many new friends that I still talk to today! And the coolest part is that they are from all over the United States!

Something we would have never known about Kayla B. is she was bullied for 2 and a half years. It was not until this Preachers kid hit her and she moved to another school that it finally stopped. During these years she was shy and distant... but now she is a social butterfly who loves to talk to people about her story. This experience has inspired her to start a small platform called S.A.S (share a smile). It’s platform will help instill in people that no matter what you and or someone else is going through, you can always share a smile to brighten someone’s day. She strongly believes being bullied has made her more aware of how she treat others and how others treat her and has made her much stronger.

We asked Kayla if money were not an issue, what would you do.

Here is what Kayla had to say, "I would make sure that all my parents bills were paid. They do so much for me and sacrifice so much so that I can have a good future. It would be amazing to help them in a way that I know would mean a lot to them".

What is Kayla's talent... she is a Vocalist, she says she loves singing and being up on the stage. She also loves when she gets into the song and she can feel the crowds energy. This energetic young lady was selected to be apart of vocal star in California. Vocal star in California is like a form of the voice or American idol. Kayla went to audition and they sign you up for vocals and modeling. This amazing girl was one of 15 people that received a call back out of 400 people in Charlotte who auditioned. Kayla has performed at the southern Christmas show in NC. and through her worship team at school.

This amazingly talented energetic whirlwind Royal Loves mashed potato's and gravy and Liver Mush...Her all time fave color is Pink and even has a Hot Pink 4 Wheeler.. And Kayla wants to be a fashion designer and have her own shop.

We believe this is only the start. One day Kayla will either be performing as a super star or will be CEO changing the world as a very sought after speaker to help other business' learn her secrets to success. Either way this is one girl to watch because she is going places!!

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