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What is the Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant Standard for dressing for certain events?

You can never wrong if you wear cocktail dress or gown and for our Guys a Suit and tie or tux, after-all you are Royal. Over dressed is better than under dressed. Dress a STEP ABOVE the crowd you are making an appearance for.

All... let me say that again, ALL appearances or challenges require BOTH the Tourism Crown and Sash. That is our brand. You represent our Brand. All Posts should have the

Tourism Star Crown and Sash and this address and hashtags #Tourismgirls #MissTourismPageants #MrTourism #TourismInspires (your age group eg #LittleMissTourism #JrTeenMissTourism).

One more time, the importance of wearing both the crown and sash together at appearances, challenges and all posts is a branding build. Consistency in what we show the

world. A Tourism Royal inspires hope, but, is a Brand Ambassador for this the Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant. The consistency of our crown and sash being worn tells the world who you are, gives you a purpose, and causes people to listen to you voice. It is necessary to always BE IN BOTH CROWN AND SASH!!

The details matter. Showing up in casual clothes, that, if you did not have your crown and sash on... you would look like the audience, when you should be the feature. How to stand out:

Take a bath or shower prior to doing a Challenge or appearance. You will be more confident that you don't have an odor. Or have a dirty neck, or hair spray build up behind or in your ears. Wash those belly buttons too. Details matter.

Fix your hair the best you can for YOU. Take away any worry that your hair is sticking out or is dirty or worse yet smells bad. Doing this will build your confidence, that you look the best you can look. Notice I did not say you need to look like anyone else. We want you to LOOK YOUR VERY BEST. Now that you smell nice and hair is good we are ready to choose an outfit.

PARADES/CORONATIONS/CROWNINGS: ALL PARADES STARTING NOVEMBER 8TH, 2020 All Tourism Family must be in LONG GOWNS. Our Guys Suit and Tie or contact me I have another option you may want to consider. YOU WILL WEAR BOTH CROWN AND SASH.

Appearances: Best Choices, over dress. For cold weather where a coat is necessary, the coat is then the statement. What are you saying to the world? For more casual events all black or all white and accessorize. Get yourself a stellar pair of sunglasses.

Don't over due the make-up, or the fragrance.

You can continue to do the same as you always have or you can finally act like the Royal you are by not only acting the part but looking the part. We are not interested what other pageants do and allow. We want crowns and sashes, we want the best of you, for you! You are representing the people of the World, not the pageant world. If you really want to influence, inspire and lead you should look the part. SHOW the World the BEST YOU there is. Now that you know how to look and dress lets get you visible during a pandemic. Stop back tomorrow for that!!

None of this means go purchase a brand new wardrobe nor does it mean spend a fortune. Options to build your Royal Wardrobe, Borrow something from a friend, search local thrift stores or online wardrobe sales.

Make yourself Significant, Important and a beacon of Hope, by following the above tips. Next Sunday we will have a PDF available for our Tourism Family on what you can do to maximize your title, your celebrity and your influence. So you can inspire more, spread more hope and be all you can be under the Tourism Stars!

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