Grab your crowns and sashes for Adoption Month

Mis à jour : 18 nov. 2020


November we raise awareness for the URGENT need for adoptive families for children and youth in foster care. Your task is to create public awareness by choosing one or all options:

The Color for National Adoption Month is White, white ribbons, white wrist bands.

1. Due 15th of November Create a poster that could be used on a billboard.

2. Due 22nd November Create a public service announcement (Commercial) in crown and sash, tell your story, tell a story of someone you know and encourage families to adopt. send us the downloadable version. Also 5 Photos please.

3. Due 29th November Interview someone who was adopted as a reporter.

You will most likely need to do some research.

When is this DUE 15th of November by 6pm.

If doing video please dress like a super star...

November is National Adoption month, a month set aside to raise awareness about the urgent need for adoptive families for children and youth in foster care.

The history of National Adoption Month dates back to 1976 when Massachusetts Governor Mike Dukakis announced the first Adoption Week. Governor Dukakis' idea grew in popularity

and quickly spread nationwide. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first National Adoption Week, and in 1995, under President Bill Clinton, the week was expanded to the entire month of November.

Every November, the Children's Bureau leads this initiative by way of a collaborative partnership between Child Welfare Information Gateway and AdoptUSKidsVisit disclaimer page that supports activities that promote the adoption of children and youth from foster care into permanent, loving families.

For current information and resources about adoption, visit Child Welfare Information Gateway, a service of the Children’s Bureau, to view the National Adoption Month website.

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