Grab those crowns and sashes Tourism Fam

You are going on Tour. October 24, 2020 is National Make a Difference Day. We want you to RAISE your CROWNS, showing support to yourselves and all of those, who are trying to make some kind of difference in this world. Raise your crowns for strength and healing and Raise those crowns especially in honor of those sacrificing to be the difference. We are asking ALL Tourism Girls to wear something super fancy or wear a Tourism T-shirt and snap 3 to 5 photos of you raising your crown high, in support of all those making a difference and hoping to learn from you on how to make a difference. 3 to 5 pics due Sunday October 25, 2020 by 6PM.

This is a time when people need to be supported and especially all of those doing kind acts, sharing food, clothing, blankets and anything else to make a difference in a good way in society. Won't you show support...too. Raise your crown in support of those making a difference, raise your crowns for strength and healing, raise your crowns to show support!!!

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