Be a Good Neighbor!

On September 27th by 4 PM we will recognize National Good Neighbor Day, which is actually September 28th, we are just doing it a day early! It is extremely important that we are good citizens, good people and compassionate people. Making sure our neighbors are okay. What we want you to do Visit a neighbor, or a nursing home, or a civic leader like Nurse, Dr. Police, Fire dept. let them know you thought of them by maybe baking them a delicious treat, or doing a gift bag. Always Dressed UP! Crown and sash BOTH on and Photos and Video. if video please send the video to me in messenger downloadable..

The most important thing a Queen can do is look out for her Realm, Give her time to brighten someones Day. Make people feel Important and YOU will be IMPORTANT!!

I hope to see 175 Queens do this one this is how many state or national and World Title holders we have. Please do not alter photos, do not make photos a collage, do not add sparkle filters etc... 3D photos are not shareable...

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