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Understanding The Tourism Pageant Terms:

All Inclusive...  This means we have a place for YOU in our pageant. However, that does not mean just anyone will be accepted. We do look at your social media, read your essay submission and view photos. We are looking for those who want a themselves and in the world. We are looking for  those who want to inspire. Those wanting to give their crowns a voice. Those who understand the crown is not for them that it is for others. It is for the Little Girl who believes YOU are Queen of the Whole Wide World. For those who are gracious, kind and inspire others to do good things. We are looking for those who are committed to the Tourism Title. Who will remain visible during their reign.  We do not deny based on outer beauty we accept based on your heart, your inner beauty.

Live Pageant...This means there is a Live Miss Tourism pageant for you to go to and compete in... with other contestants.

Ambassador Title... This is a title awarded to girls who may not be able to travel to a Live Pageant. Or the expenses added to entry fees is too much so they choose to represent a title and do all of the fun things we have to offer our delegates. Prospective title holders must fill in an electronic entry form answering essay questions and submitting their very best head and shoulders photo.


Appointed Title...This means there is no LIVE pageant in your area to go to, making all entrants to apply online. You fill in an electronic form and submit it. Acceptance with Tourism Pageants is based on essay questions and photos. At this Organization title holders must understand their role. After-All it is very very important!  Our Little Girls and Guys of the World need Great Role Models. Title Holders that can Inspire. 

Main Competition...This is the competition all contestant compete in Live. The main Competition is included in the Worlds Miss Tourism Finals Registration fee that is due on April 1, of the pageant year you will attend. Worlds Miss Tourism Main Competition consists of and each is 25% of the total score:

  • Evening Gown

  • State Costume (based on something we DO NOT know about your state, region or country)

  • Interview

  • Photogenic

Optional Competitions... This consists of events you are not required to compete for but are available. Usually at Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant it is Talent, WOW Super Model Modeling, Off the Rack Modeling, Cover-Model Photo, Fashion Print Model Photo, Acting or Monologue and sometimes other events. This gives girls an opportunity to maximize their experience at their pageant by increasing the odds of winning something in this highly competitive field. Age groups for optionals are different than the age groups in the Main Competition.

Grand Supreme and Ultimate Grand Supreme... At Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant Our Grand supreme Winners are an important part of our reigning royals. These are our performers at appearances and live events.  To win a Grand Supreme title you must choose to compete in a minimum of 5 Optional events.  The Highest Scores of those doing Grand Supreme will emerge the NEW Worlds Miss Grand Supreme Winners. And the Highest Score of those doing Grand Will Emerge our Ultimate Grand Supreme. Scores from Main Competition are not factored into Grands.

Non Compete Clause...A non compete clause keeps contestants from competing in other pageants for other titles, during their reign. Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant does not require a non compete clause contract to be signed for any title holder at the Local, State, Regional or National level... We do require a non compete clause with written permission for Jr. Teen and up at the World Level or these titles, Worlds Jr. Teen Miss Tourism, Worlds Teen Miss Tourism, Worlds Miss Tourism, Worlds Mrs. Tourism, Worlds Ms. Tourism, Worlds Classic Ms. Tourism, and Worlds Miss Tourism Grand/Ultimate Supremes ages 13 and up. So what does with written permission mean? It means if you win a World title in the age groups/categories listed you must postal mail the information for the pageant you are interested in competing in that is not a Tourism Pageant and you must receive a written letter granting permission for you to compete in said event. Violation of this rule could result in loss of your current title with Worlds Miss Tourism Pageants forfeiture of additional prizes with no refund or transfer of fees.

Going On Tour... The Worlds Miss Tourism title is unique in that you have not only a National Holiday, but, you also have a World Holiday where you may uniquely participate. We have National Tourism Day and World Tourism Day both have week long celebrations.  Going on Tour means you grab your crown and sash and dressed like a queen because, you are either making an appearances, doing a challenge or creating an event.

Being Visible... Being visible means you are participating in your year. You are doing Challenges, making Appearances, Creating events and following your PDF handbooks. You are sharing your endeavors under the Tourism States on our social media. Facebook, Instagram, and sending us your downloadable video to add to our Tourism YouTube channel. 

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