LEFT TO RIGHT WORLDS MISS TOURISM SUPREME, Payton, Little Miss Grand Supreme, Abbie,  Jr. Teen Miss Grand Supreme, Kayla B., Ultimate Grand Supreme and Arabella, Pre-Teen Miss Grand Supreme

Optional Events

 Optional Events provide more opportunity to WIN more at your World Finals!!  They also offer more opportunity to showcase your individual interests.

Girls who go all in at World Finals, find, not only do they have more opportunity to excel, but, these girls gain confidence, and are featured all year as Supreme Queens.   See below for the options you have at World Finals.  Let you Stars Shine Bright all the way through to the World Stage!!  

As you will see below there are many ways for YOU to be successful at World Finals!

 Optional Events Age Categories

Girls Compete the Age they will be August 1, 2021.

Optional Events have NO bearing on the required Main Event Scores. The Main Event and Optional Events are separate.

  • Little Miss Grand Supreme Ages 4-12

  • Jr.  Grand Supreme Ages 13-18

  • Senior Grand Supreme 19 and Up

To Qualify for a Grand Supreme Title Contestants must choose 5 optional events to compete in. Girls have the opportunity to win the category.  Plus the opportunity to place high enough to win a Grand title or Ultimate Grand Title!

 Choose Your Optional Events 

Specific Details for each event located in your handbooks:

  • Little Miss Grand Supreme Ages 4-12

  • Jr.  Grand Supreme Ages 13-18

  • Senior Grand Supreme 19 and Up

  • Talent Competition (Miss Broadway Tourism)

    • Music Must be sent in MP4 format prior to July 1, 2021​

  • Super-Model Competition (Miss Tourism Super-Model)

    • High Fashion/Fun Fashion ​

    • we provide upbeat music

  • Fashion-Model Competition (Miss Tourism Fashion Model)

    • Off the rack fashion​

    • We provide upbeat music

  • Cover-Model Competition (Miss Tourism Cover-Model)

    • A Photo Worthy of any fashion magazine Cover​

  • Spokes-Model Competition (Miss Tourism Spokes-Model)

    • Props must be able to be carried on stage by contestant only!!​

    • We provide upbeat music

  • Actress/Monologue Competition (Miss Hollywood Tourism)

    • we provide upbeat music​

Free Optional Events

Specific Details for each event located in your handbooks: 

  • Miss Congeniality  

    • one per age group and 1 Ultimate  Miss Congeniality

  • Miss Photogenic

    • one per age group and 1 Grand Miss Photogenic​

  • Academic Award

  • Appearance Award (Miss Tourism Humanitarian)

    • Scrapbook required and must be turned in at registration​

    • Looking for your good deeds as a Tourism Queen)

  • Queen of Queens (Miss Tourism Queen of Queens)

    • one per age group and 1 Ultimate Queen of Queens

    • Referral Award  (referred the most NEW Delegates who compete at World Finals)

  • Cover Girl Program Book Ad Sales ( one per age group and 1 Ultimate Cover Girl)

  • Peoples Choice (Votes are $2.00 each Begins June 1, 2021 to July 15, 2021)

  • Professionals Award (those showing excellence in their peer group as a leader, or as an entrepreneur in a business you created by showing us your success  through scrapbook)

    • Scrapbook  must be turned in at registration.​

  • Fan Page Award 

    • Referred the most new followers to our fan page​

    • Turn in list of your new followers to the Worlds Miss Tourism World Fan page at registration

  • Social Butterfly (Social Media)

    • one per age group and 1 Ultimate Social Butterfly

    • You posted on social media photos, video and content you contributed to your year.  


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