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Who is Miss Dream Girls/Guy Universe?

Miss Dream Girl Universe

Mister Dream Guy Universe

Worlds Miss Dream Girl

Worlds Mister Dream Guy


Winners Announce Valentines Day!

A Miss Tourism Productions and Events Pageant. Miss Dream Girls/Guys is searching for the most exceptional royalty around in the whole universe, to participate in the next... MISS DREAM GIRLS/GUYS Pageant. While the tradition of selecting the delegates to walk this world stage is changing, we are braving a new meaning to the Miss Dream Girls Pageant, by bringing to the universe and whole world, Miss Dream Girl in her age group, with style, class and a girl or women and boy or guy who is visible during their reign.

Miss Dream Girls is a reflection of what could be. Miss Dream Girls means big dreams, inspiration, leader and influence. The most and best in the Universe will be chosen to represent what could be. This title is to remind us all to cultivate and "Dream Big!"


Those who understand... her crown and reign is for others to see and feel. May actually be YOU! No previous experience necessary! Natural event ages 4-12. See handbook for All other age categories.

Currently an Ambassador only title. Meaning there is no Live Pageant event planned as of yet. We will however have a Virtual Pageant February 2023. Those chosen will represent from February 2022 to February 2023. As the  Miss Dream Girl you will show us and the world, this event is needed in our towns, cities, states, nations and world. You will share your title and all you can be as the one who shares the Big Dreams!!!

What is the purpose of  Miss Dream Girls Universe?

The purpose of  Miss Dream Girl Pageants is to Inspire hope, Influence other to Dream Big and Lead her peers to cultivate their dreams. To bring peace, joy and kindness by sharing these elements so others can see what could be possible. She will do this through her visible appearances, challenges, community service and tours, contestants will do in her towns, cities, states, nations or the world.  She will receive a packet full of Inspiration to get her started on her challenges, appearances, tours and leadership. We expect every person in our wide world to know you, to know  Dream Girls and the mission of, through your good works, hope creating community service and photo challenges. You are the stars of this BIG DREAM and show!


  • Ages 4-27 Never been married, single, never given birth

    • Age 21-49 Ms., Mrs., & Over 50 Classic Ms. ​

  • Has knowledge of her city, state, nation, country's culture and environment

  • Is a resident of the City, State or Nation she wishes to represent

  • Understands The Galactic Miss Dream Girls Pageant

  • Years of age as of (March 2023)

  • Posses beauty of face and kind personality

  • Outgoing and friendly

  • Excellent physical condition

  • Girls and Women who are visible in their new title

Important: Our delegate for MISS DREAM GIRLS PAGEANTS should be a citizen of the state or country she will be representing, and a national pageant winner by a recognized  Miss Dream Girls Universe Owner or an appointee. Contact us for further inquiries and we will refer you to the National Director in your country of citizenship.

Universe, World, Galactic/ Celestial and  Titles $295.99 2022/2023  


Heritage, National Titles 2023 title Will compete virtually, November, 2023.


State/State Nickname 2023 title holders will compete virtually November, 2023

titles $195.99

The titles awarded are ambassador titles. There will be no live pageant event to compete in. Those chosen are discovered based on their online entry, photo and interview questions.

Those applying for a state, heritage, national (Miss Canada Dream Girl, Mr. Asia Dream Guy) will compete in a virtual pageant November 2023. Again no LIVE event. Should this event grow we will hold a live pageant in 2024. 

Miss Dream Girls Universe

Big Dreams Crown
Universe, Galactic, and International 
Big Dreams Crown
National, Heritage and State
Galactic, Celestial and International
Comes with 4 row Rhinestone encrusted border
Big Dreams Sash
This beautiful all Star shoulder design, white satin sash, with black embroidering captures the elegance of our Dream Girls. The universe, world, galactic and celestial Dream Girl Sashes come with 4 row encrusted rhinestone border.

State, heritage and national title-holders  may add stones see entry form.