World and International Miss 2021

"strengthening leadership, power, and voices of underserved"!

A Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant Production

National/Heritage &

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Getting started on the right foot for the New Year... START right here, with your new 2021/2022 title. Worlds Miss 2021/2022 or International Miss 2021/2022 YES you read that correctly. so Apply Today!

Why fit in when you born t Stand Out! 


We fashioned a crown worthy of a World and International Queen with painstakingly copyright / trademark crown, carefully designed for your new achievement as a World or International title holder.

What Does World and International Miss 2021 Stand for? What is World and International Miss Pageant about? 

"We envision a world in which all girls and young women, regardless of race, ethnicity, income level or social status, are nurtured and empowered to reach their fullest potential. The Crowned International Miss in all age groups will strengthen the leadership, power, and voices of  all girls  to include underserved communities". 

Pandemic has Slowed the World taking with it hope. We plan to use this title as a beacon of hope and light. We do not put our contestants and families at risk by subjecting them to live events until further notice. Although most of our contestants would love a live event, we don't want to risk being the cause of someone's Grandma or Mom or baby or Uncle or...one of our contestants or staff getting sick. So many of our delegates fall into higher risk categories with asthma and other health issues. So until further notice our pageants are Appointed saving you travel expenses, hotel stays, and registration fees. We hope you will love to represent with us.


With this title we are looking to Appoint our International Miss 2021 in your age group, to spearhead the upcoming new year  and represent wearing the stunning "trademarked" Copywritten Crown  pictured above. This is an ambassador title. Open to ALL Girls and Ladies, to include past and present Tourism Queens. 


Age Categories

4-6 World or International Little Miss 2021

7-9 World or International Jr. Miss 2021

10-12 World or International Pre-Teen Miss 2021

13-15 World or International Jr. Miss 2021

16-18 World or International Teen Miss 2021

19-27 World or International Miss 2021

21-49 World or International Mrs. 2021

21-49 World or International Ms. 2021 (either had been Married or given birth)

50 and Up World or International Classic Ms. 2021

You will be required to participate in your year. You must wear the International Crown and Sash at all events, photo ops, challenges or sharing. 

The Title fee for this World or International Title is $450.00 (payments arrangement available @ $90.00 per month for 5 consecutive months).  No crown or sash will be ordered until last and final payment is in. 

After we have chosen our World or International Miss 2021 title holders we will begin Appointing  Heritage, National and State title holders. 

Tourism Pageants has carried our tradition of meaningful pageants that inspire the World, through titles that make sense to all the World our challenges and those chosen to represent the right title for them. The things we do as a Pageant brings joy to so many watching us. Your photos, your videos have touched so many lives and we want to continue the tradition by giving you a title of purpose.

Interest in the Ambassador titles will determine if a LIVE event will be scheduled in the future. 

Ask about these exceptional titles below. Payment options available.

PDF Certificate to put under the Christmas Tree... You must ask for this.

$375.00 with rhinestones and name on sash or $275 Plain Sash. 

International Miss United States 2021

International Miss America 2021

International "Your Nation" or "Your Heritage" Miss 2021

Email us about the National or heritage titles here...


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