Worlds Miss Tourism & Hair and Make-Up:

Please read everything below. Additional Information will be provided in your Tourism Handbook.

Worlds Miss Tourism Hair and Makeup 

No one is permitted to attend a Tourism event to do Hair and Make-up without contacting the Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant and receiving a list of our Hair and Make-Up Policies.  No Hair and Make-up personal admitted in dressing rooms, or any other area including the ballroom without contacting us for your pass.

You must be listed as an approved Hair and Makeup Vendor for Worlds Miss Tourism or you may not be in our Dressing rooms, ballroom or wandering around the convention center.


Contestants ages 4 to 12 lightly colored lip gloss, blush, and little mascara. No fake rule applies.

Contestants 13 and up natural look, make-up choice is yours, we do not have a rule-keeping these ages from using hairpieces, false lashes.

No flippers. 

We will have information for you to obtain your weekend pass by April 1, 2021.

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