Attending Worlds Miss Tourism

General Information 

Please read everything below. You will find over-all Tourism is one of the least expensive events, of its kind. We are upfront and clear as to what is due and when it is due. If you are signing up to attend Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant we will expect all fees paid as they are due. If not sure you will be able to attend World Finals then Please sign up as an ambassador.

Age Categories

  • Little Miss 4-6

  • Jr. Miss 7-9

  • Pre-Teen 10-12

  • Jr. Teen 13-15

  • Teen 16-18

  • Miss 19-26

  • *Miss Beauty

  • *Mrs. 21-49

  • *Ms. 21-49

  • *Classic Ms. 50 & UP


Age is based on the age the contestant will be on August 1, 2021.

Marital status you must be the status you choose by July 23, 2021

*Little Miss 4-6

*Jr. Miss 7-9

*Pre-Teen 10-12

*Jr. Teen 13-15

*Teen 16-18

*Miss 19-27

*Miss Beauty Size 14 and Up

* Mrs. must be legally married at time of the Live Pageant event.

*Ms. Will be 27 or over at time of the Live Pageant Event or will have been married and no longer married due to widowed, divorce or legal separation

* Classic Ms. must be age 50 or older at time of Live event.

Who Qualifies to go to Finals

You won your State Title at a Live State Pageant!!

You are on your way to The World Stage in Pigeon Forge Tennessee home of Dolly Wood and the Great Smoky Mountains

  • Runners Ups

  • Optional Winners

Your Country or State did not have a Live State Pageant

Appointed Titles Awarded: you were awarded your state or national title based on a lengthy essay and interview questions..

  • National Appointed Queens (any country, heritage title)

  • State Appointed Queens

  • State Nickname Titlists

  • And Ambassadors

When and Where is the Pageant:

There is a LIVE World Finals Pageant.

The Live pageant is July 23-24-25, 2020 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. You must have a title to attend either from a Live State Pageant or an Appointed At-Large Title. 

World Fees

This pageant will work with our families to a point. Providing contestants payment options. Please email if you need this option. Otherwise payment in full is expected by each due date. Titles will not be held without payment for anyone. 

Title Fee:    $99.99-$450 (Price depends on title city, state, national, heritage, ambassador, World or International. Sometimes we offer discounts and special entry price. Depends on additions to sash.) Keep watching. Title fees Due before any crown or sash will be ordered. 

State Pageant Fee $199.99 (Some States will offer discounts and special entry price) Due before any crown or sash will be ordered.

Worlds Finals Registration fee $295.00 All Contestants who attend World Finals will submit their World Registration fee on April 1, 2021. 

World Photographer Deposit due by May 1, 2021 Final Balance July 1, 2021 Fees for your Photographs are paid directly to the Photographer Kimberly Kneedles

World Photographer Link

Ad Fee $120.00 minimum.  Each Delegate Will provide a minimum of one 1 full page ad or larger. Due June 1, 2021 (this is a special for our delegates if selling for Cover Girl the prices in the handbook stand)

All Optional Events for Grand supreme or Ultimate Grand Supreme $275.00 Due June 1, 2021

Individual Optional Events $75.00 each Due June 1, 2021.

All Contestants Must stay at the Host Hotel no matter how close you might live to it. No matter how many family members live close. Contestants are responsible for their own room charges, travel and meals to and from the Pageant.

Main Competition

  • Evening Gown 25% of total score

    • All Age groups wear floor length gowns​

    • Dress may be embellished (make-up rules apply for ages 4-12

  • Photogenic 25% of total score

    • Photo should be in crown and sash​

    • 3/4 length crown and sash must be in the photo

  • Interview 25% of total score

    • Interviews are conducted one on one with each judge​

    • 4-12... 3 minutes  13-26... 5 minutes and all others 4 minutes

  • State Costume 25% of total score

    • State costume should represent something we DO NOT KNOW about your state.​

    • State Costumes should be WOW Go BIG 

    • Each delegate will do a speech 45 sec or less to explain her State Costume.


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