General Information Worlds Miss Tourism & Required Fees:

Please read everything below. You will find over-all Tourism is one of the least expensive events to compete in of its kind. We are upfront and clear as to what is due and when it is due. If you are signing up to attend Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant we expect all fees paid as they are due. Do NOT Sign up if you are not sure you will be able to attend.

General Information for Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant

Age determined as of the age you will be on August 1, 2021. 


You must live, work or attend school in the state or region you are representing.  We will, however, allow multiple delegates from the same state to compete.  Available titles will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.  


Once you receive your crown and sash, your Tour has begun.  We encourage you to go into your community and share with others how you can make a difference.  Please dress and conduct yourself as if you are preparing to meet the judges.  Over-dressed is always better than under-dressed Please make sure your attire is appropriate for the event and contains no offensive language.  Please post to your social media accounts and use #WorldsMissTourismPageant.  When posting, please make sure it is grammatically correct and that it contains no offensive content.  Remember, you are not only representing yourself, but you are also representing our Pageant name, our business, our brand, and your peers.


Each delegate is expected to treat staff, judges, hotel staff and all other delegates with respect.  Each family and/or friend of the delegate will be held to the same rules.  Any behavior that is deemed as bad sportsmanship, and witnessed by any staff member, will be addressed and could result in disqualification of the delegate.


You have the option to add your name to the back of your sash, however, this may only be done through our embroidery service.  If you would like to take advantage of this, it must be selected on your registration application.  It will not be an option to add your name after your sash has been ordered and/or received.  Rhinestones Double Row, if you would like to take advantage of this, it must be selected on your registration application.


At no time does the pageant require that gifts are exchanged. However, most girls do exchange a small gift in their age groups. Please do not spend more than $10.00. If you do this make sure it is a gift you wish to receive. Also, most always girls will bring a gift for their outgoing reigning queen in their age group. Again should be something you would LOVE to receive yourself. Please, no more than $20.00. You may exchange gifts at the Queens Ball.

**Scholarship Fee**

We do have a Sponsored Scholarship of $250.00 going to someone who has gone above and beyond as her Humanitarian work Appearances. 

**Starting in 2021**

Starting in 2021 Should you decide for any reason you will not be attending World Finals, We will charge $100.00 dollars for holding a spot someone else could have represented and attended with. No matter how long you held the title. So if not sure enter as an ambassador. The additional you pay is credited toward your registration fee.

Also, we will pursue legal action for filing a false chargeback claim against your credit or debit card/to include PayPal. It is clear and upfront we do not do refunds or transfer fees and we cannot control vendor delays. 

**2021 Non-Compete Claus**

State Title-Holders - We do not limit our contestants from competing in other pageant events during their year as a state title-holder unless the pageant you would be competing in has a Non-Compete Claus keeping you from competing at Tourism or fulfilling any appearances in your Tourism title. Should you compete in and win a pageant that does have a non compete claus you will not receive a refund or transfer of fees for choosing not to compete at Tourism World Finals.


National Winners- May not compete in any other pageants without written permission on company letterhead from a pageant official.

** Multiple Titles**

should you hold multiple titles during your time with Worlds Miss Tourism Pageants. Do not attend any event as one title and change during the event to another title. Give the event and the general public your 100% attention in one title. 

Required Fees to Compete at Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant


Our system is appointed titles only.  All contestants will go through a selection process.  Returning delegates, from the previous year, will receive a guaranteed spot.  Delegates who skip a year, will not receive this same guarantee.   We have always maintained a personal touch at our National event!  We truly want this to be a magical experience for each of you!

All funds paid to Worlds Miss Tourism are non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason. MAKE DOUBLE SURE you will be able to attend the live pageant. July 23-24-25, 2021.

Application Fee

First, we do not charge an application fee. So you can fill in our application for free.​

​Title Fee

Is the fee you pay to receive your State or State Nickname title and is $155.99 if attending World Finals

Ambassador Titles are $175,99 both title fees includes your Worlds Miss Tourism State ot State Nickname title, state star crown, embroidered sash and pdf handbook sent when your sash is being sent to your email.

**Registration Fee Includes** To Compete At World Finals In July...

$295.00 Required Event Entry Fees "Main Event". You will also receive one National T-shirt given at finals, one National Program book given at nationals. You will also be eligible for International Miss Tourism, Worlds Miss Tourism Role Model, Miss Photogenic, Miss Congeniality, 

$120 Advertisement Fee (Payment 3) - Due by June 1, 2021

Each delegate will receive 1 full page ad in our National Program book, for the fee listed.  Delegate is invited to find sponsors to help cover this fee and also welcome to list sponsors on the ad.  The ad can be created and submitted on your own or we will have a design service available to those who need it.  (Extra artwork fees will apply.)

Opening On Stage Introduction  Attire - Delegates, World Queens and Legacy Queens

We do not require a specific opening number Dress, We do ask it be a cocktail dress or Princess Sunday Best Dress, should be Black or Pink Solid Color. Please, no Club-wear. World Queen White Cocktail dress Please, Legacy Queens Pink, All other queens and visiting Royalty Pink, or Black only. 

**Optional Events**

These events are not required, however, if you are competing for Ultimate Grand Supreme or Grand Supreme titles it is important we know what you will be doing so we can schedule our event to better serve our families and contestants.

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