Appearances, just a part of the Tourism Life. Tourism contestants have a guide-book that explains to them how to make or get an appearance. It also teaches them how to create their own appearances.  She should inspire others to get involved with community outreach. Parades, store openings and crowning or acting as mistress of ceremonies is fun and we want you to enjoy that too, but we also want to see community outreach. You get your guidebooks when your crown and sash ships, in the form of email attached PDF. 

The Tourism Pageant provides many ways for our contestants to grow as a person.  We provide confidence building challenges, that will take them out of their comfort zone. If a contestant is shy doing video and appearances helps get them more extraverted. If a contestant is flaunty we help them by sending them to an orphanage, senior home, or help a ministry who serves the homeless. Being a queen is not all heels and make-up. It is hard work and not for the faint of heart. If you want a successful year you must be visible and engaged, on SOCIAL MEDIA, make your Tourism Albums public.


We expect contestants to check the website since this is where NEW challenges will be found. As much as I would like to send to each individual that is just not possible. Check the Tourism Portal and News-Challenges-Press drop down menu challenges. 

Tourism-Emmy's Challenge

Tourism-Ad Space for Program Book