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Tourism Pageant Productions Offers a fun event for Girls and women.  GUYS have the an opportunity to apply for ambassador titles. Although there must be 7 who will attend World Finals before this group may attend to compete.  For those states or countries with no state pageant to compete, in we offer Appointed or awarded titles that require an essay and a photo to win that title.

  • A Live pageant is when you go to a place and compete with other girls to try to win the title you want.

  • An Appointed title is awarded through a process... you must qualify through. Should you qualify and we let you know you won your title, you will pay a title fee and then your crown and sash will be ordered and then, will be postal mailed. There may be a Live World Pageant to compete.

  • An Ambassador title is a title you choose to represent all year and you must apply for online and you will not go to a Live Pageant.  You will represent in your country, and may do appearances and our Challenges.

 Some states will hold a state pageant for you to win your state title or to qualify you, so you can attend World Finals however, some states do not have a state pageant for you to compete in. Either way Live State Pageant or Appointed Titles if awarded a Tourism title, You can bet the decision for YOU to wear that title was taken very seriously. Once you receive your new title you are expected to be visible and participate in your year. You will become an inspiration for your peers and a role model  for Worlds Miss Tourism Pageants. 

We are an inclusive event allowing all girls of all shapes and sizes, all ethnicities to join us. However, that does not mean just anyone gets in. Through our approval process, online application and your social media we award titles to those deserving this is why the Photo you send should be your best and the essay should be well thought. We require a State title fee if going to World Finals in Tennessee always the 3rd weekend of July, of $155.99 before we order or ship any crown or sash. If an Ambassador title the title fee would be $175.99

As a State or National title holder during your year you will participate in challenges and appearances. Then in July on the 23rd, 24th and 25th, 2021 we all come together in Pigeon Forge to have the best few days we can You will participate in the Queens Ball Friday, Enjoy viewing our World Queens Scrapbooks of their adventure. And...Compete in Evening Gown, State Costume, Photogenic and interview. No swimsuit competition. On Sunday AWARDS DAY we announce our new World Title holders. It is an exciting year so get started now.

We are accepting state delegates to compete at Worlds Miss Tourism in July on the 23-24-25, 2021. 

For 2021 these World or Nations Ambassador titles are available: You may apply NOW. Girls whom we accept through our approval process will pay a Title fee of $250.00 on Special saving you $100.00. You get a blinged sash, a 3" Star Crown and the Tourism Pageant Productions PDF handbooks to help you be successful during your year.

  • Worlds Miss Universe Tourism (not discounted) 4" Star Crown

  • Worlds Miss Earth Tourism

  • Worlds Miss Planet Tourism

  • Worlds Miss Continent Tourism

These State Titles are available as appointed:

  • Worlds Miss Tourism State Titles (ask some states will have a Live State Pageant in 2021)Our Premier Natural Pageant

  • The State Title Fees for these state titles are $155.99 each

  • You may enter in you age group

Age groups:

  • little miss 4-6

  • jr. miss 7-9

  • pre-teen miss 10-12

  • jr teen 13-15

  • teen 16-18

  • miss 19-26

  • mrs. 21 and up must be legally married at time of the event.

  • ms.  21 and up (ages 21-26 never married no children are MISS) legally separated, widowed, divorced or have had or have children

  • classic ms 50 and up 


If you would like to be a part of the Tourism Pageant Productions Family just ask.   

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